In 2010, I was desperate to find a product that would offer some sort of relief to my barrel racing mare who has COPD.  She wasn't able to be rode due to her difficulty breathing and would have problems just standing out in the pasture.  I tried a variety of supplements and "miracle workers" that really did nothing more than cost me money.  I was about to give up and just retire her to the broodmare band when I found Animal Element.  I was frustrated and had no hope left but for some reason I decided to give it a try.  Boy am I glad that I did!  With in a week I was able to get back on this mare and within a month, we were back in the 1D.  Animal Element not only delivered amazing results that quieted and soothed my mare's breathing, it also gave me my horse back! 

Since then I've used it on a variety of horses ranging from weanlings, broodmares, performance horses on up to the senior horses.  With everything that I've thrown in it's path, I have seen results.  From horses that need that calming effect on to those that need a little extra boost during the hard training and competitive season, respiratory issues, and poor weight and overall appearance; it can be summed up in two words - IT DELIVERED!  


I am not a saleman. Luckily, the products sell themselves!  I wouldn't promote or attach my name to something that I did not believe 100% in and I'm PROUD to be part of the Animal Element family!  


I carry most everything in stock.  If you're not sure what product is for you and your horse, please don't hesitate to drop me an e-mail or give me a call - anytime!